Industry Working Group  /  02/14/2018, 04.06.2018**, 10.10.2018*

System Reliability in Assembly and Interconnection Technology


  • Reciprocal effects between different components and assembly and interconnection technology and their impact on the overall system
  • Procedural factors, whisker formation, electromigration
  • Long-term reliability and the field behavior of complete systems
  • Understanding the interplay between different fault mechanisms

With the introduction of lead-free connection technology in July 2006, the electronics industry has implemented parts of the EU’s RoHS directive. In late 1999, Fraunhofer IZM had founded an industry working group on lead-free interconnection technology to help the electronics industry achieve this transition in their processes. In 2013, this group became part of the working group on system reliability in mounting and interconnection technology.

The working group offers a form for discussing challenges and solutions in research and industrial practice with partners in the industry.

The working group is supported by the association of the electrical engineering and electronics industry ZVEI 
(Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V.) and the electronics designers’ association FED.



14.02.2018*, 04.06.2018**, 10.10.2018*

* Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin ** Fairground, Nürnberg