Tutorial  /  03/20/2018

Customized Silicon-Based 


  • The technical foundations of silicon sensors
  • Micro-mechanical sensors
  • Sensor design and construction (simulation)
  • Sensor production technologies
  • Flex-integration technologies

Piezoresistive silicon-based sensors are cost-efficient, 
simple to integrate, and ready for use almost everywhere. They have become a ubiquitous part of modern life. Their extremely low prices are only possible with a very high degree of standardization in production, leading to a 
proliferation of cheap, but highly standardized sensors. Building or buying custom sensors is disproportionately more expensive.

This was the situation that gave rise to the Silicon Micro-Sensor project, dedicated to creating a means of making the many advantages of piezoresistive silicon 
sensors available in custom or low-production-run setups.

This tutorial showcases the project and the new opportunities it offers for its partners in industry. You will be introduced to the basics of custom application-specific 
silicon sensors by analyzing an acceleration pressure