Tutorial  /  07/05/2017

Photonic Communication, Power Delivery, Thermal Management

Modular interposer architecture providing scalable:

  • Heat removal
  • Power delivery
  • Optical communication

Available packaging solutions cannot support 3D integration density scaling and beyond-CMOS devices, constraining systemability with respect to energy efficiency, reliability, and computational performance, e.g. in data centers and IoT applications.

The tutorial demonstrates the smart implementation and robust manufacturability of advanced More-than-Moore components into a modular and scalable interposer, supporting system-on-chip and system-in-package evolution. Each of the three major topics VRM, Optics and Cooling will be introduced by an overview presentation, followed with specific insights into sub-components, as well as a solution approach based on the successful outcomes of the European project CarrICool.

Besides a game-changing platform for scale-up of future, many-core, exascale computing systems the tutorial will also present a strategic supplier base in Europe for     high-end HPC and data center components, as well as for advanced systems integration capabilities.

Who should attend

Equipment manufacturers, developers and electronic packaging specialists who are interested in the topics silicon interposers, TSVs, liquid cooling, power delivery, buck-converters, silicon photonics, high-Q inductors, passive coupling.