Workshop  /  06/14/2018

SMD component embedding into PCBs

PCB Embedding


  • General aspects of PCB embedding technologies: Past-present-future
  • PCB embedding of SMD components
  • Design and build-up options and approaches
  • Application examples

Embedding technologies of electronic components into printed circuit boards have evolved into a highly reliable and versatile approach for miniaturization of electronics. High throughput fabrication of miniaturized modules as using customized components and processes is established in leading edge circuit board houses.

However, embedding technology can also be employed for miniaturized electronics, using commercial SMD components for the build-up of the electronic system. These components are mounted onto inner layer of the printed circuit board and are subsequently laminated into the build-up layers.

The intention of the workshop is to provide a good understanding of the design rules and build-up options which are available in SMD embedding. Such embedded solutions can be realized with a reasonable budget for prototyping or small to medium-size production and are well accessible to small and medium-size companies by respectively equipped PCB manufacturers.

Presenters are IZM-researchers Lars Böttcher and Dr. Andreas Ostmann und Johannes Blum (ILFA).

There will be pre-workshop evening event on June 13, 2018.