Seminar  /  March 31, 2020  -  April 01, 2020

Wire bonding seminars for even more technological competence

Increase the motivation and effectiveness of your employees and therefore sustainably improve the quality and productivity of your wire bonding processes.

In tailored seminars, both technology novices and experienced employees gain precise knowledge of basic manufacturing requirements and complex development decision processes. The course contents correspond to the current state of industrial research, are being continuously further developed and adapted to the latest knowledge. This ensures that you always produce in accordance to current wire bonding production standards and that you keep up with the latest know-how.

The seminars cover the following topics:

  • Basics of wire bonding technology
  • Quality inspection and process optimization
  • Reliability and failure analysis
  • Design and material selection
  • Practical exercises with own samples
  • Special knowledge e.g. DoE, FMEA, data analysis
  • either based on a seminar script or completely individual - in any case independent, systematic and with a high standard of content
Individual Seminars
Do you need a mix of information and practice adapted to your questions?
Do you have concerns about the secrecy of product-related details?
You will be provided with a seminar adapted to your know-how and your questions - flexible and individual at all times. Depending on the intended scope, you will receive an estimate of the time required and your investment in advance. You may come to us with your employees or - even more individual and plannable for you - we will come to you.

Advantages of an individual seminar:
  • You choose how the seminar should take place - lecture with or without practice
  • You adapt the date and duration to your needs
  • Target group-oriented presentation and review of what has been learned
  • Individual seminar topics in all areas of wire bonding technology - from thin to thick wires, from COB to power electronics, process optimization and failure analysis
  • Away from work but not gone, near if needed
  • Simultaneous training for several of your employees
  • No time and money spent on organization, travel and accommodation