Packaging technology for electronic system integration

Fraunhofer IZM helps companies assemble robust and reliable electronic systems and integrate these into the application environment.



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DRONE Berlin 2016

Novel Sensor Systems for Future Applications using UAVs

15 October 2016, Berlin | Our workshop at DRONE Berlin will give insight in current developments of sensors, energy supply concepts and suitable sensor fusion methods which will enable future use cases for a much broader application of drone usage.


News / Award

Fraunhofer Cluster 3D Integration honored with the InCites Award

The Fraunhofer cluster 3D Integration headed by the Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID institute has won the coveted “2016 3D InCites Award for Excellence in 3D Packaging Technologies” in the “Research Institute of the Year” category at this year’s SEMICON West expo. 



How fair is Fairphone 2?

Like its predecessor, the new smartphone Fairphone 2, released late 2015 by Dutch company Fairphone, lives up to its name. Fairphone listed fair workplace conditions, environmentally friendly fabrication and sustainability as its three main priorities in designing the technology and workflow. To find out how well Fairphone did, Telekom Deutschland recruited an evaluation by Fraunhofer IZM and Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH). 



Concluding Workshop of MATFLEXEND Project in Vienna

On September 19, 2016 the FP7 MATFLEXEND end-of-project workshop will be taking place in Vienna. Materials and device developments  for energy harvesting, particularly for wearables, will be presented. 



Electronics Goes Green 2016+

The conference is the most important event on microelectronics and the environment worldwide and will provide experts from science, industry and politics with a forum to discuss state-of-the-art technologies and current political trends with regard to microelectronics and its impact on the environment.



A milestone in manufacturing technology

Fan-out panel level packaging (PLP) is an extremely cost-efficient manufacturing technology with huge commercial potential. Fraunhofer IZM recently brought together international stakeholders to begin shaping a long-term research strategy, with an expert symposium on June 28-29.




2nd Summer School on Optical Interconnects

The second Summer School on Optical Interconnects will take place between 1st – 4th August 2016 in St.Andrews, Scotland, UK. It focuses on high-performance, low-energy and low-cost optical interconnects across the different hierarchy levels in data center and high-performance computing systems.



4th Optical Interconnect in Data Centers Symposium

The symposium is part of the ECOC 2016 in Düsseldorf, which is the 42nd European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication, taking place on September 18 – 22. The symposium itself is focused on high-performance, low-energy and cost and small-size optical interconnects across the different hierarchy levels in data center.



IZM Researchers Co-edit Book on Optical Interconnects

Together with their colleagues Nikos Plerus (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Richard Pitwon (Seagate Systems) Fraunhofer scientists Andreas Hakansson and Tolga Tekin have co-edited a book on “Optical Interconnects for Data Centers” that will be released in November 2016. The book gives an overview of the state-of-the-art in this emerging field.



More Power for Offshore Wind Energy

Bonding wire cracks can easily cause power modules in offshore wind farms to fail. One solution to this problem is aluminum-scandium alloy. Using thermal testing, we were able to improve the stability and resistance of the alloys.



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