Outstanding Paper Award for Prof. Bernhard Wunderle

Las Vegas, /

Yet again the work of Fraunhofer researchers has been singled out for recognition. The paper “Advances in Thermal Interface Technology: Mono-Metal Interconnect Formation, Process and Characterization”, received the Outstanding Paper Award in the category “Thermal” at this year’s Itherm conference.

The award was presented on June 4th at the Itherm conference in Las Vegas. The biannual Itherm conference brings together the latest results in the analysis and development of thermal, thermomechanical and emerging technology in relation to electronic devices, packages and systems.

The paper’s first author, Fraunhofer IZM’s Professor Dr. Bernhard Wunderle, commented that awards such as these show “just how important cooperation between technology, characterization and simulation is for developing innovative solutions for thermal management” and called for more efforts in this area. It is not the first time Itherm has recognized the work of Bernhard Wunderle’s research group. In 2008, they walked away with Outstanding Paper Awards in the categories “Material” and “Emerging Technologies”.

This year’s prizewinning paper was produced as part of the EU project “Nanopack” (http://www.nanopack.org), which is developing new thermal interface technologies for low thermal resistance using nano-modified surfaces and materials along with methods for characterizing and simulating their thermal, electrical and reliability-related properties.


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