Thinned Wafer

Exhibit by IZM-ASSID

  • ASSID Test Wafer
  • Cu RDL metallization
  • Wafer diameter: 300 mm
  • Wafer thickness: 50 µm


Enhanced dicing technologies using low-k materials, small dicing strets (<40 µm) and reduced mechanical edge and corner damage to wafer frontside and backside


  • Wafer Singulation - Mechanical Blade Dicing: Mechanical blade dicing of 300 (200) mm single  wafer ·(50 – 775µm thickness)
  • Wafer Singulation - Laser Grooving: ·Dicing technology:  Q-switch pulsed UV-Laser (50 kHz) with wave length of 355nm
  • Wafer Singulation - Laser Stealth Dicing: Applicable to higher doped wafers (> 0,02 Ohm*cm)
  • Wafer Edge Trimming


Further Services

Back Grinding Tape Lamination
  • Back Grinding (BG) Tape Lamination of 300 (200) mm UV and Non-UV tapes

Wafer Backgrinding

  • Back grinding technologies: Grinding before Dicing (GBD), Dicing before Grinding (DBG), 300 TAIKO Dicing
  • Wafer Backgrinding/Polish of 300 (200) mm single wafers
  • Wafer Backgrinding/Polish of 300 (200)mm temporary bonded wafer stacks
Wafer Mounting, Peeling, Exposure
  • Inline  wafer mounting and BG tape peeling of 300 (200) mm single wafers on 300 (200) mm Film Frame Carrier (Disco type, metal or plastic film frame carrier)
  • Application of various UV- and Non-UV dicing tapes including DAF-tape
  • Inline exposure of UV-tapes
  • Packing and transportation of Film Frame Carrier in 300 (200) mm Film Frame Shipper