Online-Session  /  21. November 2023, 16:00 - 16:45 CET

New Materials in the Semiconductor Industry – Challenges for Sustainable Production

#3rd session of series »Materials for electronic innovations«

For the removal of fluorpolymer from TSV, the industry standard post-etch residues removals are used. Although they demonstrate good cleaning efficiency, they contain hazardous components. For example, EKC 265 from Dupont, which is widely used, contains hydroxylamin, brenzcatechin and hydrochinon which are registered as cancerogenic under REACH.

The challenge in the search for sustainable alternatives is that they should not only not be bio accumulative nor CMR (carcinogenic-mutagenic-reprotoxic) but also effective and cost efficient.

One of such newly developed substitutes is TechniClean D-BOS 390 from Technic France. According to MSDS this solution is non-toxic, non-flammable, nucleophilic-based mixture. In this session post-etch residues removal using D-BOS 390 chemistry on TSV with aspect ratio about 3:1 will be described and the achieved results will be demonstrated.