Packaging technology for electronic system integration

Fraunhofer IZM is one the world’s leading institutes for applied research and the development and system integration of robust and reliable electronics.

For over 25 years, more than 230 institute researchers have been finding technological solutions in cooperation with partners from industry and academia. Emerging challenges are addressed in branches such as automotive and industrial electronics, medical engineering, ICT and semiconductor technology.

The advantages of working hand-in-hand with Fraunhofer IZM include:

  • Industry-compatible high-tech equipment
  • Flexible cooperation models
  • Peace-of-mind thanks to IP protection
  • International, strategic networks with universities, research institutes and private enterprise in Germany and abroad.




Fraunhofer IZM named "Innovator of the Year"

The readers of DESIGN & ELEKTRONIK have named Fraunhofer IZM "Innovator of the Year"



Pliable micro-batteries for wearables

There is a new technology gripping the markets of the future – technology to wear. Wearables, as they are known, are portable systems that contain sensors to collect measurement data from our bodies.


Panel | 09/18/2018

ESTC 2018: Women on the Edge of Technology

This year’s ESTC Conference broke new ground with a technical workshop comprising solely female panelists. The workshop, entitled “Fan-Out Panel: Is the Industry Ready?” included leading designers and decision-makers in the packaging industry.





Symposium | 11/27/2018 | 25th anniversary!

Fraunhofer IZM celebrates 25th anniversary!

To celebrate 25 years of excellent research, we are holding an International Symposium titled “Status & Future of Electronic Packaging” on November 27, 2018.


Event | 11/13/2018 - 11/16/2018


Together with other Fraunhofer Institutes from the Microelectronics Alliance Fraunhofer IZM will be presenting its latest developments from the realm of panel and wafer level packaging technologies at the booth of the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD).


Event | 11/13/2018 - 11/16/2018

electronica 2018

At electronica 2018, the world’s leading trade fair for electronics components, systems and applications. Fraunhofer IZM together with eleven other Fraunhofer institutes will be presenting a broad spectrum of research projects and findings from November 13-16 in Munich.


Symposium | 01/30/2019

Panel Level Packaging Symposium

Status update at SEMI’s 3D & Systems Summit.


Berlin Center for Digital Transformation

The Berlin Center for Digital Tansformation is a cooperation of the four Berlin Fraunhofer-Institutes FOKUS, HHI, IPK and IZM.

The focus activities are technologies and solutions that take into account the increasing digitalization and networking of all spheres of life.



Fraunhofer IZM annual report

How do IZM developments contribute to improving medical care? Which technology literally saw the light and what else went on at Fraunhofer IZM last year? All this and much more in the current annual report!




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