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The Story of Daisy, Alexa and Greta

Successful online conference on environmentally friendly electronic products, processes and business models

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New Working Group "RF Materials & Interconnects"

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Certainty in just 15 minutes –

Researchers develop a graphene oxide-based rapid test to detect infections

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Returning to excellence

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Dear clients and partners!

As life is slowly returning to our laboratories, we can announce that our research and development services and facilities are finally available again for you at our usual standard of excellence.

We are here for you!

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Fraunhofer IZM is one the world’s leading institutes for applied research and the development and system integration of robust and reliable electronics.

For over 25 years, more than 230 institute researchers have been finding technological solutions in cooperation with partners from industry and academia. Emerging challenges are addressed in branches such as automotive and industrial electronics, medical engineering, ICT and semiconductor technology.

The advantages of working hand-in-hand with Fraunhofer IZM include:

  • Industry-compatible high-tech equipment
  • Flexible cooperation models
  • Peace-of-mind thanks to IP protection
  • International, strategic networks with universities, research institutes and private enterprise in Germany and abroad.



News / 2.9.2020

The Story of Daisy, Alexa and Greta

The electronics manufacturer Apple wants to make its entire production climate-neutral within the next ten years. What will the implementation look like and what sustainability concept do other manufacturers like Philips rely on?

Successful online conference on environmentally friendly electronic products, processes and business models.



News / 31.8.2020

New Working Group "RF Materials & Interconnects"

The RF Materials and Interconnects working group applies holistic methods for the characterization and design of packaging interconnects and the dielectric characterization of materials in high-frequency technology. It possesses particular expertise in the accurate determination of permittivity and dielectric loss tangent of materials for frequencies reaching the THz range.



Certainty in just 15 minutes

Researchers develop a graphene oxide-based rapid test to detect infections.

The current situation with the COVID 19 pandemic underscores the importance of detecting infections quickly and accurately to prevent further spread.






Online Event | October 5 - 8, 2020

Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg

Session on “Data Center Interconnects” at Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg, Oct 06, 2020

In order to bring the costs down to €1/Gb/s or even lower in mass production, a holistic transformation to the assembly and characterization of high-speed photonic transceivers is required.


Online Workshop | October 07, 2020

System Integration
Fraunhofer Connecting the U.S. with Germany

System integration combines several components from different semiconductor technologies in order to use their best properties. Components for analog and digital signal and data processing, communication or sensors can be integrated into extremely small and powerful systems.


Online Course at IWLPC | October 29, 2020

From Wafer to Panel Level Packaging

IWLPC Professional Development Course: From Wafer to Panel Level Packaging Panel Level Packaging (PLP) is one of the latest trends in microelectronics packing.


Berlin Center for Digital Transformation

The Berlin Center for Digital Tansformation is a cooperation of the four Berlin Fraunhofer-Institutes FOKUS, HHI, IPK and IZM.

The focus activities are technologies and solutions that take into account the increasing digitalization and networking of all spheres of life.


High Performance Center »Functional Integration in Micro- and Nanoelectronics«

Functional Integration in Micro- and Nanoelectronics in Dresden und Chemnitz


Research Fab Microelectronics Germany

To reinforce the position of Europe’s semiconductor and electronics industry beside global competition, eleven institutes within the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics have, together with the IHP GmbH - Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics and the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik, come up with a concept for a cross-location research factory for microelectronics and nanoelectronics.



Fraunhofer IZM annual report & Brochure

How do IZM developments contribute to improving medical care? Which technology literally saw the light and what else went on at Fraunhofer IZM last year? All this and much more in the current annual report!