Fraunhofer IZM is one the world’s leading institutes for applied research and the development and system integration of robust and reliable electronics.

For over 25 years, more than 450 employees have been finding technological solutions in cooperation with partners from industry and academia. Emerging challenges are addressed in branches such as automotive and industrial electronics, medical engineering, ICT and semiconductor technology.

The advantages of working hand-in-hand with Fraunhofer IZM include:

  • Industry-compatible high-tech equipment
  • Flexible cooperation models
  • Peace-of-mind thanks to IP protection
  • International, strategic networks with universities, research institutes and private enterprise in Germany and abroad.




European project on increased use of recycled plastics in electronics has started

Increasing the share of recycled plastics in new products is a central aspect of the European Strategy for Plastics, adopted by the European Commission in 2018 as a part of the first Circular Economy Action Plan (2015).



Clear advantages: Integrating metal microstructures in glass

A technique developed at Fraunhofer IZM offers a new way of integrating electrically conductive elements in glass, with the metal microstructures not deposited on the surface, but embedded and encased in the glass itself.



Adhesive-free fiber-to-chip connection by direct laser welding for integrated photonics

As part of the “PICWeld” Eurostars project, Fraunhofer IZM researchers, working with their partners LioniX International BV, Phix Photonics Assembly and ficonTEC Service GmbH, have developed an adhesive-free, space-saving and robust laser welding process for fixing optical fibers to PICs.


News | Award

Lars Böttcher presented with Research Award for chip embedding technologies

For over two decades, Lars Böttcher has helped electronic systems become smaller, more reliable, and better at handling high frequencies through his work on embedding chips in circuit boards.  



Recovered by
Robo Ray

The extremely nimble submersible robot uses a flexible sensor skin to detect lost and unexploded munitions in places that were formerly almost unreachable for all but the most expert divers.



Pressure sensors could make air travel easier on the environment

The BMBF is funding the second phase of the iCampµs future project with 20 million euros. The focus of the developments is on Smart Health, Environmental Sensor Technology 4.0 and Industry 4.0.



New center for semiconductor research opened in Dresden

A flagship of semiconductor research with international reach is emerging in Dresden. Fraunhofer IPMS and Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID are bundling their competences and establishing the Center for Advanced CMOS & Heterointegration Saxony.



Online Session | September 01, 2022

IZM Photonics: In optical interconnects we trust

In our expert sessions, we want to show what is possible today in the field of photonic packaging using microelectronic packaging experience on wafer and board level and how you can seize this potential for your industry or for joint projects with us.  


Exhibition | September 2 - 6, 2022

Fraunhofer IZM at the IFA

Let’s meet up at our interactive exhibit at booth 336, hall 20 (IFA Next). Visitors can go on a “sustainability journey” for an easy-to-follow introduction to the technological concepts and more practical ideas for their everyday life (e.g. good practices for charging phones to keep the batteries lasting longer). The sustainability experts from our ERE unit will be on site to showcase their work for more durable electronics.


Symposium | September 8, 2022

4th Panel Level Consortium Symposium

Together with 17 partners from industry Fraunhofer IZM has successfully finished the second phase of the Panel Level Consortium – PLC2.0. This is the perfect time to meet again in-person for the 4th PLP Symposium!


Berlin Center for Digital Transformation

The Berlin Center for Digital Tansformation is a cooperation of the four Berlin Fraunhofer-Institutes FOKUS, HHI, IPK and IZM.

The focus activities are technologies and solutions that take into account the increasing digitalization and networking of all spheres of life.


High Performance Center »Functional Integration in Micro- and Nanoelectronics«

Functional Integration in Micro- and Nanoelectronics in Dresden und Chemnitz


Research Fab Microelectronics Germany

To reinforce the position of Europe’s semiconductor and electronics industry beside global competition, eleven institutes within the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics have, together with the IHP GmbH - Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics and the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik, come up with a concept for a cross-location research factory for microelectronics and nanoelectronics.



Fraunhofer IZM annual report & Brochure

Researched for Practice, Developed for Reliability


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