Packaging technology for electronic system integration

Fraunhofer IZM helps companies assemble robust and reliable electronic systems and integrate these into the application environment.



Fraunhofer IZM celebrates 25th anniversary!

Milestones in microsystem technology – since 1993 Fraunhofer IZM has been setting new trends in microelectronic packaging.



Fraunhofer IZM ASSID at European 3D Summit

Dresden, 22.-24.01.2018
This year’s 6th edition of SEMI European 3D Summit will continue to explore a wider scope of 3D topics that will include 3DIC Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) technology and its challenges in order to create Heterogeneous Integration and High Density Systems for different applications.


Event | Conference | 01/27/2018 - 02/01/2018

Photonics West 2018

Fraunhofer IZM presents current trends in photonic packaging.


The Photonics West is the most influential conference for biophotonics and biomedical optics, high-power laser manufacturing, optoelectronics, microfabrication, and green photonics.


Workshop | 03/15/2018

Reliability is no accident! Design, Material, Technology, Simulation, Test

Modern electronic packaging combines a vast range of components with diverse means for system integration. The reliability of modern mixed microsystems – will be the focus of this event.


Tutorial | 03/20/2018

Customized Silicon-Based 

Piezoresistive silicon-based sensors are cost-efficient, 
simple to integrate, and ready for use almost everywhere. This tutorial showcases the Silicon Micro-Sensor project and the new opportunities it offers for its partners in industry.


Event Review

Pitching for Fraunhofer Knowhow

On December 6th, Fraunhofer IZM opened its gates for Berlin’s prolific startup scene. In cooperation with CUBE GmbH, the institute hosted a very special event that allowed new entrepreneurs, investors, and many other interested visitors a chance to meet and mingle: the “Founders‘ Garage”.


Project PhoxTroT

European Commission 7th Framework Programme project PhoxTroT revolutionized Data Centers, and High Performance Computing Systems.


Hardware-Hub | 6 December 2017

Hardware Startups: Getting Connected and Pitching Business Ideas at Fraunhofer IZM

The Founders‘ Garage calls all startups to the new hardware hub. Where? @Halle16.Berlin at Fraunhofer IZM. When? December 6th

All hardware startups interested in taking part in the pitches can apply until December 4th.


Event | 29.11.2017

Public Symposium Panel Level Packaging

On November 29, 2017 Fraunhofer IZM is hosting a Panel Level Packaging Symposium where renowned experts from global players in PLP will bring you up to date with current trends and developments. Register now to be part of this exciting event!


News | Award

Klaus-Dieter Lang receives IMAPS award

For his exceptional contribution to the development of Electronic Packaging and his participation in various IMAPS-committees, Klaus-Dieter Lang was honoured with the William D. Ashman Achievement Award. He was given the award on the occasion of the 50th IMAPS Microelectronics Symposium in Raleigh.



Higher processor performance with microchannel cooler

As part of the CarriCool project under the aegis of IBM, Fraunhofer researchers have developed a new, effective cooling method: By integrating microchannels into the silicon interposer it is for the first time possible to cool high-performance processors from the underside as well.



A Circular Life for High-Tech Polymers

As part of the “PolyCE” project, the researchers at the Fraunhofer IZM are helping recover and reuse polymers from waste as a precious resource for new products.


Berlin Center for Digital Transformation

The Berlin Center for Digital Tansformation is a cooperation of the four Berlin Fraunhofer-Institutes FOKUS, HHI, IPK and IZM.

The focus activities are technologies and solutions that take into account the increasing digitalization and networking of all spheres of life.



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