Key Research Areas

Methods of System Evaluation

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System evaluation on different system levels

Depending on the requirements for system evaluation, a system can be evaluated at the application level, functional level or the technological level. The application determines the systems´ boundaries, the degree of abstraction and the suitable methods. The focus of the system evaluation can be the motor vehicle as a whole, the engine control unit, as well as the single bond connection. Fraunhofer IZM is bridging the gap between “small” and “large” systems.

A system can be optimized using both top-down and bottom-up approaches. As a first step weaknesses are identified on the basis of system modeling. Using significance analysis, the effects of critical parameters on the target function are investigated. Therefore the range extends from fault tree analysis to comprehensive state models. Existing models can also be analyzed on the basis of experienced faults and then optimized accordingly. The available laboratory equipment can be used to provide product qualification.