Key Research Areas


Materials Characterization and Modeling

A comprehensive thermo-mechanical reliability assessment of complex electronic systems in the micro/nano range requires extensive experimental back-up for the use of simulation tools. We provide full material characterisation and examination in combination with simulation and optimisation.

Reliability: simulation, test and optimization

Thermomechanicallife-time models are required for a simulation-based "Design for Reliability". The basis is provided by combined, accelerated stress tests in combination with simulations and modern analysis and optimisation processes.


Application-specific system evaluation

The reliability of electrical, electronic and mechatronic systems require a comprehensive consideration of products, production processes and business processes. Therefore expertise and management knowledge need to be applied, together with suitable management tools/methodologies.


Corrosion, electrochemical migration, moisture diffusion

Investigate moisture-based failures of electronics such like corrosion or migration damage.


Condition monitoring of electronics

The prediction and calculation of failure rates and lifetimesof electronic systems due to ageing and overload requires a top-down evaluation of the reliability of entire systems. The system includesthe superordinate system, sub-systems, the components and connection technologies.Therefore it is necessary to take the environmental conditions and intrinsic interactions into account.


EcoDesign and circular technologies (Green ICT)

Step by step towards sustainable innovation within the ICT value chain.


Environmental assessment for electronic systems

The Environmental evaluation and eco-design group is working on the methodology of the evaluation and environmental optimisation of electronic products.


Environmental Legislation: RoHS, WEEE, EcoDesign

The requirements of environmental legislation can place considerable demands on product development, but they can also open up market opportunities for forward-looking companies.