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Medical technology will continue to have significant impact on the quality of life in our modern civilization. The adoption of electronics and microtechnology has had tremendous impact on previously uncurable diseases, on the autonomy of patients and promises improvements for future treatment and diagnosis.

Neural trauma have been addressed as well as chronic diseases and pain treatment. Novel diagnostic concepts allow faster detection of the diseases‘ origin and faster development of new pharmaceutical agents. For more than a decade Fraunhofer IZM has served the medical industry with its technology portfolio adapted to heart pace makers, to retinal implants, to lab-on-chip platforms, to neuroprosthetic devices and hearing aids. We act as a one-stop-shop solution provider for customers from research and industry in search for miniaturized integration of microelectronic, microsensory, microfluidic and micro-optical systems.

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A new approach to diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal conditions.



Safe start for new life

Intelligent Patch for Remote Monitoring of Pregnancy

During pregnancy, regular medical check-ups provide information about the
health and development of the pregnant person and the child. However, these examinations only provide snapshots of their state, which can be dangerous, especially in high-risk cases.   



Providing care right when it is needed

Radar system can recognize and track people and objects in room

Recognizing when senior citizens are at risk in the home or helping them find misplaced objects they presumed lost: The technology developed in the successful OMNICONNECT project can help people lead independent lives for longer.



Sensor bracelet measures a range of environmental forces to improve the treatment of lung diseases

Tiny particulates or noxious gases: From the day they are born, all people are exposed to a range of environmental forces. These forces constitute the exposome and affect the health and wellbeing of people around the world.


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Projects and more information

Early diagnosis of CVD


Development a nanotechnology-based handheld point-of-care testing (POCT) analysis device for its application in the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

Spectral tissue sensing


The InSPECT project aims at developing and integrating photonic building blocks for a new class of low-cost miniaturized spectral tissue sensing devices.


Tumor therapy using implantable independent micro dosing systems – highly miniaturized control of a piezo actuator. (German)

Research News


Modular measurement wristband for personalized dementia therapy