Business Unit - Industrial Electronics

Globalization, cyber-physical systems, industry 4.0: buzzwords that sum up the most important economic and social developments of our age. Robustness, miniaturization, reliability, safety and security are central to the implementation of electronics into products.  

Thanks to its outstanding track record in safety and security technology, Fraunhofer IZM will be increasingly active in the area of safety and security technology in the future. We will be placing the synergies created by our broad experience in this area, from equipment safety, identity verification, product traceability and the early detection of the impending failure of critical components, in the service of advancing technology for industrial electronics, particularly in the area of automation.  A second key area is advancing automation technology by validating and introducing new developments from related areas in microelectronic and microsystem technology.

A current key priority is developing innovative solutions for autarkic, multi-channel wireless sensors used in control technology. Here, we are currently assessing the real-time capability of such systems, which is a key parameter for application in industry. 


Fraunhofer researchers develop high-pressure sensors for extreme temperature

Many industrial processes depend on exact pressure gauges. The SOI high-pressure sensors (silicon-on-insulator) developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM makes this exact monitoring possible for processes operating at temperatures of up to 400° centigrade.

Maintenance, repair and preventative maintenance

Early detection of failure, tamper-proof labeling of replacement parts and ensuring the supply of electronic assemblies in the long term

Automation Technology

Application-specific sensor assembly, autarkic sensor nodes and intelligent power electronics


Modern logistics processes are becoming more and more reliant on electronics. RFID for merchandise tagging, active wireless nodes that meet high reach and sensor technology requirements