Business Units


Business Units


Using 3D integration of components, complex, heterogeneous system-in-packages (SiP solutions) can be developed.


Business Units

Automotive /

Since Fraunhofer IZM’s establishment, every department has included the application areas automotive and transportation technologies as core competences. The institute has worked with OEMs, tier 1s and, in particular, their suppliers to “electronify” the automobile at all levels.


Business Units

Medical Engineering

Medical technology will continue to have significant impact on the quality of life in our modern civilization. The adoption of electronics and microtechnology has had tremendous impact on previously uncurable diseases, on the autonomy of patients and promises improvements for future treatment and diagnosis.


Business Units

Industrial Electronics

Globalization, cyber-physical systems, industry 4.0: buzzwords that sum up the most important economic and social developments of our age. Robustness, miniaturization, reliability, safety and security are central to the implementation of electronics into products.


Information and Communication Technology

The efficient sharing and storing of data needs ever larger data centers and the means to transmit electric and optical signals. Digitalization itself brings its own challenges: There is increasing demand for highly dynamic networks that can transport, process, and analyze data.


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