Courses for chip and wire bonding

Chip and Wire bonding represents the largest part of all interconnection technologies used in semiconductor assembly and is constantly being used, optimized and further developed at Fraunhofer IZM.

Working group design conformity for WEEE/RoHS/EuP

Despite the success with the implementation of the EU Directives WEEE and RoHS, companies in the electronics industry are still working on meeting the environmental demands they raise for the European market.

Working group system reliability of packaging technologies

Up to this point the main focus of quality and reliability considerations was put on specific issues of packaging technology. As of now the interdependency and impact on the overall system of various components and its packaging becomes the focus of research and development due to its increasing importance.

Circular Design Workshops

We develop and facilitate creative, interdisciplinary in-house circular design sprints or open cross-sectorial circular design trainings. We have a proven track record of developing new methods or adapting existing design tools to your specific needs (e.g. product, service, business design) – integrating user-centric design, life-cycle thinking and design-thinking.