HighTech for Hardware Startups


Start-A-Factory (SAF) in Berlin is Fraunhofer IZMs unique concept, space and tool infrastructure especially tailored to the needs of hardware startups.

Modularly structured development and manufacturing laboratories allow the development and test of hardware-based prototypes in an extremely short period and with professional support!

Start-a-Factory was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE), the Federal State Berlin and the Federal Minstry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Network: SAF brings together startups, scientists, multipliers, tool manufacturers and
other partners

Bridge: SAF bridges the gap between makers space ideas and industrial production

Support thoroughly: SAF supports startups from the first idea to a tangible prototype

Quick results: SAF helps makers get ready for industrial manufacturing in short time

Maximum startup involvement

Start-A-Factory allows the startup different levels of support by Fraunhofer specialists – just as needed and wanted.

Individual effort estimation

Based on a workshop, IZM prepares an individual effort estimation. Costs for startups can vary widely & depend on e.g. degree of needed support. The more you work on your prototype realization yourself, the less you needs to fund.

Individual development time

Together with you we develop a project time plan. You can also have a break in between if you need to focus on other stuff. When you come back you will find all your data as you left it and can continue seamlessly.

No shares!

Achieved Intellectual Property stays to 100% with the startup.

Network benefit

Start-A-Factory brings together startups and cooperation/supporting partners  –  offering excellent prerequisites for a fruitful project process.

Development & Working Space

dedicated refurbished containers:  customizable, lockable; flexible combination of development and test equipment


Prototyping Line on Industrial Level

cutting-edge interconnection technologies allowing a wide range of testing and
inspection techniques; High mix, low volume; ultra-fast prototyping in small batches


Meeting and Event Areas

flexible areas for coaching, customer events, team meetings, trainings, concept discussions & presentations





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