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  • teaser-logo CHARM Project develops IOT solutions for harsh industrial environments

    The CHARM ECSEL JU project aims to develop industrial IoT solutions with an improved tolerance towards harsh industrial surroundings. Digitalisation of the European manufacturing industries is the key to their continuous renewal and competitiveness. Harsh environmental conditions in manufacturing processes and end user environment may slow down the opportunities brought by IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The CHARM project is set to solve this challenge.

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  • Returning to excellence / 2020

    Competent and capable – Ramping up our services

    June 08, 2020

    © Fraunhofer IZM | Volker Mai

    The Coronavirus Pandemic has confronted all of us with a challenge of historic proportions. The emergency task forces of the Fraunhofer Society and Fraunhofer IZM are continuing to monitor the situation and translating the official guidelines into new guidance for our operations to protect both the health and wellbeing of our people and the services and performance of our Institute.

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  • teaser image - power4re: Research Project to Increase Converter Reliability Launched
    © Fraunhofer IWES

    Mid-April saw the virtual kick-off of the »power4re« (Reliable converters for a renewable energy supply) research project. Under the leadership of the Fraun-hofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES, five Fraunhofer institutes are working together alongside industry representatives to develop solutions aimed at improving the reliability and robustness of inverters in photovoltaic systems and frequency converters in wind turbines.

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  • Modular products as a model for / 2020

    Ecodesign of consumer products

    May 25, 2020

    image - Modularisierung auf Leiterplattenebene: Digitaler Sprachrekorder mit eingebettetenKomponenten in Modulen
    © Fraunhofer IZM | Volker Mai

    Modular product design is an enabler for longer product lives and repair, and it facilitates their reuse and upgrade, making it a promising approach for more sustainable product concepts.

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  • teaser image - GraphPOC - Graphenbasierter Biosensor mit REM-Vergrößerung der Sensorfläche
    © Frauhofer IZM | Volker Mai

    The BMBF-funded project »GraphPOC« is working towards a point-of-care diagnostic platform based on graphene technology. The ambition of the project is to design a purely electrical system that can recognize certain biomarkers in human blood and distinguish between bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

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  • Bosch entwickelt COVID-19-Schnelltest
    © Bosch

    Bosch wants to launch a new rapid test that shows a result at the test site in under 2.5 hours instead of the previous 2 days. This technical solution is based on a PoC analysis platform, which was developed together with Fraunhofer IZM in the EU project CA-JAL4EU.

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  • © Paulista –

    The corona pandemic presents us with major challenges. Infection numbers are increasing exponentially and in recent days more and more countermeasures have been ordered by the authorities.

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