Collaborating with Fraunhofer IZM

For industry partners

Individual commissions

The archetypal cooperation: A company sees a need for research and development, to launch an innovative product, to improve a process, or to audit and certify its processes. A call to Fraunhofer will reveal which solutions are possible, which type of cooperation is most promising, and how much effort would be involved. Our cooperation partnerships – from closely circumscribed interventions to large-scale initiatives – are committed to solving problems and bringing innovative solutions into the market.

Industry services

In addition to targeted individual commissions from our partners in industry, Fraunhofer IZM provides a comprehensive range of services from the development of technology demonstrators, the construction of prototypes, lab cooperation (technical facilities in shared use) to many other more specialized needs of our clients and partners.

Technology transfer

The transfer of technology is one of the core services of Fraunhofer IZM: It is the purpose of our institute to transfer technological and procedural knowhow into commercially productive applications. We forge the link between science and the economy to power the global sharing and monetization of technological expertise at an elite level.

Strategic partnerships

Fraunhofer IZM is a driving force between many promising technological innovations. Our work has become the basis for many strong and lasting partnerships with private enterprises. One example of this is our embedding line, through which Fraunhofer IZM and our partner engineers show how embedding technology can be put to use in everyday industrial operations. The Security Lab run in conjunction with the Bundesdruckerei is another case study of how cooperative development work can result in technologies for the secure documents of the future.

For researchers

Fundamental research

Alongside our applied research work, Fraunhofer IZM supports fundamental research activities at scientific institutes, universities, and academic institutions worldwide. This is the research that gives birth to new technologies and novel applications for later use in industrial R&D.

For startups

Fraunhofer IZM never limits itself to providing research services to high-profile partners in industry. We also offer attractive services and opportunities for smaller companies and aspiring startups. Our partners can scale the consulting services and technological access perfectly to their needs.

For larger industry and research consortiums

Some challenges call for committed research untrammelled by the constraints of markets and competition. The most promising route to solving them is a cooperation with multiple public and private partners, supported by public funding. Our partners can draw on the entire ecosystem of Fraunhofer Institutes and our external partners and other private enterprises.

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