Business Unit - Automotive/Transportation

Since Fraunhofer IZM’s establishment, every department has included the application areas automotive and transportation technologies as core competences. The institute has worked with OEMs, tier 1s and, in particular, their suppliers to “electronify” the automobile at all levels. We develop innovative, cost-efficient and reliable solutions, including to prototype level, for conventional, hybrid and electric drive engineering and safety and comfort systems.

  • Sensor and actuator technology
  • Power electronics
  • Reliability management and assurance
  • Robust design

Projects relating to Automotive/Transportation

Electromagnetic compatibility for electric vehicles

Listening to the radio in your electric car? Yes, thanks to Fraunhofer IZM know-how! (German)


Cost-effective packaging for radar sensors

Radar sensors are already employed in production model vehicles (e.g. ACC). Further development of driver assistance systems has also led to the use of radar sensors in active safety features (brake assistance, collision warning, etc).

Low-inductance packages for fast-switching semiconductors

The Secret for Miniature Converters with High Power Density


Adaptive front lighting system

Better visibility when driving at night



Electrification in the fast lane

How silicon carbide is driving power electronics forward

The new generations of semiconductors with a wider band gap (WBG), such as silicon carbide (SiC), have the potential to put electric mobility in the fast lane.