Working Groups

Policy, Ecodesign and Circular Materials


Circular electronic products and devices are the focus of the Policy, Ecodesign, and Circular Materials group. The Circular Design Lab was set up as a store of the applied competences and technological knowhow that can be used to make applications and services more sustainable. We are working on a more circular life for the materials that make up our electrical and electronic applications, and we can reconcile the tenets of good product design with the need for meaningful and effective recycling.

Team Leader: Dipl.-Ing. Karsten Schischke

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Sustainable Networks and Computing


The Sustainable Networks and Computing group is active in applied research into environmental assessments for com-mercial ICT (Green ICT) systems and their implications for eco-design. Its technical focus lies on the equipment used in telecommunication and data center hardware, with analyses conducted for mobile communications (antennas, radio and baseband), network coordination (switches, routers, or gateways), and wired data transmission technology (optical transponders and multiplexors).

Team Leader: Dr. phil. Lutz Stobbe

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Fiber Optic cables connected to optic ports and UTP, Network cables connected to ethernet ports.
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Life Cycle Modeling


Lifecycle assessments (LCA) and environmental assessments not only help quantify a product's environmental impact. They also inform and guide meaningful ecodesign that can cover the crucial hotspots in the product's operational life and beyond. The Lifecycle Modelling group can contribute its competences for the entire life of individual electronic components or complete products and systems.

Team Leader: Dipl.-Ing. Marina Proske

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View of a Technology ecologic interface with icon displayed on a technology interface
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System Reliability Assessment


In transdisciplinary teams, we develop innovative, customer-oriented solutions for robust, energy-efficient and sustainable electronic systems. We ensure their reliability through application-specific system design, qualification, weak point analysis and optimization both at the system and technology level.

Team Leader:
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wagner
Dr.-Ing. Johannes Jaeschke

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Machine Deep learning algorithms, Artificial intelligence (AI), Automation and modern technology in business as concept.
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