2.5/3D Technologies

  • TSV Integration
  • Silicon interposer TSV first
    • TSV via middle
    • TSV via last
    • Device stack

High Density Redistribution




  • Back grinding tape lamination
  • Wafer backgrinding
  • Polishing
  • mechanical blade dicing
  • laser grooving
  • laser stealth dicing
  • wafer edge trimming

High-Density Assembly

Failure Analysis & Reliability Investigation

Sensor Development

  • Sensor design
  • Reliability and lifetime optimization
  • Standard and customer-specific packaging with integrated sensor data processing e.g. TO8,  packages with  media separation, molding
  • Characterization of pressure (10 m-100 Bar), gas and acceleration sensors (up to 40 g)
  • Planar technologies (SiO, SIN deposition, Sputtering)
  • Overview sensor activities

Photonic & Plasmonic Systems


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ISO 9001

The department part in Moritzburg (IZM-ASSID) is working with an ISO 9001 certified management system since 2015. The department part in Berlin has completed its certification in 2018. The whole department has now all prerequisites to guarantee highest quality standards.