Key Research Areas

3D Packaging on Component Level

To satisfy microelectronics needs for higher integration density in the future, there will be the need to go beyond planar integration of components/functional blocks on wafer or module level – the third dimension is and will be the next big thing in electronic packaging …

Reliability, Evaluation, Tests and Optimization

Accelerated tests can be used in order to simulate the thermal, climatic and mechanical field stresss of electronic assemblies. In combination with FEM- calculation a life-time prediction can be derived. Failure analysis can be used for optimization of material choice and/or technology.

Packaging for Power Electronics

Besides traditional die attach soldering and Al heavy wire bonding, new packaging concepts are pursued to build power electronics systems designed to provide improved thermal performance and higher reliability. By replacing the wire bond with an area contact on both sides of the chips the thermal performance can be improved.

Power Electronics and Packaging Development

By adapting the packaging technology used, power electronic systems can be optimized for customer requirements. Our research group’s system development also addresses packaging questions.

Photonic Packaging

Fraunhofer IZM’s research into photonics for communication and sensor systems, in which we combine optoelectronics and microoptics, has a three-fold aim: miniaturization, improving efficiency and increasing functionality.