Project Self-contained Condition Monitoring System (ECoMoS)

Project overview
The implementation of sensor networks in complex plant and machinery offers a basis for advanced concepts of condition monitoring, which extend the range of services around plant construction and operation. Wireless solutions for machine diagnosis in the form of miniaturisedradio sensor nodes with a self-contained energy supply units provide measurement data with locally high resolution and at the same time offer easier installation.

In the ECoMoSproject, a self-contained microsystem with low-power data registration and processing, robust radio communications, and efficient energy transformation is developed for vibration analysis. The project results are verified in the form of prototypes for deployment in a paper factory scenario.

Cooperation between Fraunhofer IZM and Technische Universität Berlin
The work in the joint project focuses on the further development of comprehensive, system-related development methods for self-contained microsystems. The design of energy supply unitsis optimised by parametricmodels ofenergy harvester modules which can be coupled with the corresponding models of electric loads. For long-term operations under extremely harsh environmental conditions, demands on dependable modular concepts are derived which take into account the hybrid structure of self-contained microsystems. The miniaturisation potential is evaluated, and the costs for various application scenarios are modelled. The work also concentrates investigating environmental aspects of the technology (e.g. toxicity and CO2-equivalentsof the substance used in the system). The results will be used for sustainable product development as a basis for future design decisions.


Services offered by the Department of Environmental and Reliability Engineering


The project is funded under grant number 16SV3371-7 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


In cooperation with partners from Industry (Baumer- Hübner, Converteam, Elbau, EnOcean, GfM, imc, ScatterWeb) and Research (Fraunhofer IZM, TUB)