Project Data Hub for the Exchange of Sustainability Data (SustainHub)

The SustainHub initiative makes collecting and relaying sustainability data (energy and material consumption, prohibited hazardous substances, such as those specified by REACh, RoHS and the ELV directive)  possible along the supply chain and between different stakeholders at the same stage in the supply or value-added chain.

Key target groups include the electronics and automotive industries.

An important priority in the design of the system is ensuring that data owners are able to make data sets available to other stakeholders selectively and as required, while maintaining control of their information property.

One example of how the SustainHub DMS works is that it allows companies using the same electronic component to exchange analysis data on the product. For example, electronics manufacturers can share data on the RoHS conformity of individual components, which means that the tests do not have to be needlessly repeated by each company.

A further feature of SustainHub is algorithms developed as part of the process that collect and evaluate valuable data from all available sources. Here, an example is Internet searches that combine particular keywords (e.g. carcinogenic) with relevant substances, which could provide early information on whether a substance is likely to be prohibited in the foreseeable future.

A business model is also being developed within the project to ensure that the SustainHub DMS continues to be accessible and is developed further once this initial development project is completed.

Services offered by the Department of Environmental and Reliability Engineering


Project Partners:

Fraunhofer IPA, Kerp Center, Denkstatt GmbH, Rapid-i Gmbh, iPoint-systems Gmbh, CoreSource AB, Universität Ulm, Universität Graz, Intertek Semko, Johnson Controls GmbH, Board of Innovation BVBA, Universität Ulm, Microelectronica SA, Agfa Healthcare N.V., Continental Teves AG, IDEA –International Distribution of Electronics, Tecnoimprese Scarl