Project Analysis and Testing System for the Reliability Assurance of Micro- and Nanoelectronic Material Composites (TeSiMat)

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Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin’s research on microsystem and nanotechnology reliability is respected internationally. With help from industry and the Land Berlin, the institute is currently establishing the European Center for Micro- and Nanoreliability (EUCEMAN).


In close cooperation with TU Berlin and regional companies, we are developing an analysis and testing system for the reliability assurance of material composites used in micro- and nanoelectronics. The new technique will allow regional SMEs to compete with large companies in the European and global market and help them make best use of their outstanding know-how. In one part of the project, Fraunhofer IZM is contributing to basic research that is not only vital to chip manufacturing in Dresden, but also to large automotive and electronics companies around the world.

Key research areas:

  • Providing a platform of tools for rapid reliability prediction
  • Design optimization for the implementation of advanced technologies at the intersection between micro- and nano-scale
  • Product reliability optimization
  • Implementation of the latest nano-measurement techniques based on nano-simulation

The project comprises the following research areas:

  • Straight-forward, easily implemented micro- and nanoelectronics reliability assessment methods for SMEs
  • New measurement techniques for the developed reliability concepts
  • Fracture and crack prevention strategies for micro- and nanocomponents
  • Investigation of the impact of mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic parameters, along with that of factors such as fluctuation and diffusion on product reliability and quality
  • Development of testing systems

The figure provides an overview of the key interactions that have to be assessed for comprehensive “design for reliability”. These questions have been addressed by the junior research group’s contributions to date.


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  • AMIC GmbH Berlin
  • SENTECH Instruments GmbH Berlin 
  • Spree Hybrid und Kommunikatiostechnik GmbH 
  • First Sensor Technology GmbH 
  • Swissbit Germany AG 
  • InnoMat GmbH Teltow 
  • Aucoteam GmbH Berlin 
  • Bruker AXS Mikroanalyse GmbH
  • Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH