Innovation Workshops / Feasibility Studies

Implementation of ErP requirements in companies

The EVPG (ErP) can have far reaching consequences for manufacturers and vendors of electrical and electronic equipment:

  • A virtual ban on certain technologies due to minimum requirements (e.g. transformers)
  • Limit values for power consumption (e.g. standby and off-modes)
  • Labelling of energy efficiency (e.g. for TVs)
  • Specific requirements for materials and components (e.g. declaration of substances)

If you are uncertain how you could be affected by the ErP specifications, we offer the following support:

  • Short reports: We summarise the current state of the ErP discussions on the product groups that are relevant for you: scope, requirements, standards and measurement regulations, transitional periods.
  • Workshop: Either at our institute or at  in-house training sessions, we explain the basics of the ErP which are particularly for your operations, including product scope, requirements, and background information. Ideally, you would form a project team made up of developers and product managers, together with purchasing and marketing personnel and the environmental officer.
  • Working group: Join the industrial working group on directive-compliant design and receive updates three times a year on the state of the art, including networking
  • ErP Compliance Strategy: We work with you to develop an individual strategy and support you through to ErP conformity: adaptation of the specifications, redesign and supply-chain management, planning the technical implementation

Or perhaps you want to do more than simply meet the minimum requirements, and see your company as a pioneer for green products? We cooperate with you to develop your eco-design measures:

Applied eco-design: We cooperate in the development of technical alternatives beyond current ErP requirements. Gain a unique advantage with products which are particularly energy- and resource-efficient; you reduce the carbon footprint of your products.