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Life-cycle assessment reviews

Depending on the goals and the scope, life-cycle assessments for electrical and electronic equipment can be very complicated and call for a high degree of expertise. In order to ensure reliable results in accordance with ISO 14040:2006, an independent life cycle assessment review is necessary. The scientists of Fraunhofer IZM have considerable expertise in the fields of electronics design, production technologies, materials, and environmental assessment. Against this background we offer critical reviews for life-cycle assessments in the field of electrical and electronic equipment such as computers, battery chargers, batteries, consumer electronics, information and communications technologies, electronic components, and displays.

A review ensures,

  • That the life cycle assessment conforms with the ISO standards of the 14.040 series,
  • That the methods used are scientifically and technically valid,
  • That suitable data is used with regards to the objectives of LCA,
  • That the interpretation of the results takes recognised weaknesses into account,
  • That the study is transparent and conclusive.

The review process can either be in parallel to the LCA, in order to be able to influence the on-going process, or can be carried out retrospectively on the basis of a draft report.

Fraunhofer IZM can draw on considerable experience in life-cycle assessment in numerous projects:

  • Life Cycle Inventory Assessment for a semi-conductor factory
  • Energy audit for computers (evaluating the re-use of PCs)
  • Developing LCA tools for electronics and numerous LCA projects for industrial customers
  • Carrying out various EuP preliminary studies
  • Evaluating production processes (conversion to lead-free technologies: circuit board production and assembly, solder production; flip chip bumping with stencil printing and electro-plating)
  • Effects of the transition to lead-free soldering on global resources

Environmental assessments of renewable resources for electronics, of RFID tags, and of power supply strategies



Setting ground for the European Product Passports

The "CIRPASS" project aims to lay the foundations for the future implementation of digital product passports in the EU. Tasks include creating a forum to develop a common understanding of cross-sector DPPs and building stakeholder consensus on prototypes of the DPP in the sectors: Batteries, Textiles, and Electronics.

Product Category Rules

Helping the IT industry get to product carbon footprints that can be compared

Life Cycle Assessments are a comprehensive tool to support purchase decisions, to implement a company-wide climate policy, and to identify levers for product design improvements. All these measures require a transparent approach based on an unambiguous methodology.