Circular Design Workshops

Sustainability is a collaborative effort, which is why it's crucial for everyone involved in the development process to understand how they can contribute to sustainable innovations. What methods are available, and how we  can integrate environmental considerations from the very start of the development phase? Drawing from extensive training experience, our design team has crafted workshop formats that empower development departments to embed circularity into their design processes.

Our workshops delve into two key approaches: optimizing existing products for sustainability and creating new circular product systems.

Our Workshop and Training Formats

Methods for a Circular Design Sprint

Eco-Design Learning Factory

This workshop focuses on learning design methods within the context of sustainable product-service development. Through practical product examples, participants will gain hands-on experience with these methods. Additionally, the workshop provides insights into successful circular design concepts and business models.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn the eco-design process and explore methods for their own processes or for use with clients.

Duration: 2 days
Target Audience: Individuals and Teams
Format: Online and Onsite
Price available upon request

Already have a design process in place? We're here to assist in aligning it with the requirements of sustainable product development.

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Environmentally Sound Product Development

Life Cycle Considerations and Requirements

Designed for engineers and product developers, this workshop teaches how to independently gather and assess environmental considerations. Learn which process steps are relevant at what time, and gain an understanding of potential environmental impacts and savings opportunities. In addition to gaining insights into scientific methods, a hands-on analysis will also be conducted using environmental assessment software.

Duration: 1.5 days
Target Audience: Individuals and Teams
Format: Online and Onsite

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Circular Business Models

Strategy and Circular Value Creation

Many companies face challenges such as increasing pressure on supply chains, resource scarcity, and investor demands for sustainability. Digitalization and sustainability are seen as solutions, but how can this transformation be successful?

In the circular economy, value creation is decoupled from resource consumption, collaboration is encouraged, and waste is minimized. But what does this new form of value creation look like?

Our 16-hour workshop provides insights into circular solutions, new value creation possibilities, and the potential of digital business models like product-as-a-service. Methods will be tested, and solutions will be developed collaboratively.

Duration: 2 days (offline) or 4x4 hours (online)
Target Audience: Designers, Managers, Developers

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Individual Training & Method Development

Not the Right Workshop Fit?

Drawing from diverse client and project workshop experiences and a wide array of methods, we can develop customized training that aligns perfectly with your specific needs.

Our areas of expertise include:

  •    Life cycle-based design
  •    Circular product development
  •    Service system ecodesign

Furthermore, our design team offers support in developing sustainable solutions, from environmental assessments to prototypes.

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Circular Design Lab

Get to know us

We combine human-centred design and life-cycle thinking with newest insights from applied research to develop sustainable technologies and products, as well as business, service and ecosystem solutions. ​

With our experience in identifying user needs, customer demands, upcoming legislation and societal trends we help you to define requirements and translate them into sustainable technology solutions that contribute to a circular economy.