Micro Battery Line

The most difficult task in micro battery manufacturing is to produce almost hermetically sealed packages. Even the smallest amount of moisture diffusing into the battery can destroy it. Because of the reactivity of lithium, the entire assembly process must take place under ultra-pure gas conditions in argon boxes. The technology is only economical if a large number of batteries are produced simultaneously on a common substrate.

Fraunhofer IZM has taken up this challenge and installed a battery development and assembly line more than 10 metres long, which enables the production of the smallest, customised micro-batteries with the highest precision.

The following equipment highlights of the battery development line will enable the production of the smallest batteries for microsystems in the future

  • Precision screen printer for applying battery electrodes and electrolyte
  • Substrate bonding device for bonding the base and cover substrates or the housing closure
  • A microfluidic electrolyte filling device that can fill several hundred micro-batteries with electrolyte at a time.

Additional equipment is available for electrode printing, heating and cleaning, such dispensing robots, vacuum ovens, ozone and plasma stations.



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