Integrated Electro-Photonic Panel Systems

For the “Integrated Electro-Photonic Panel Systems” research project, Fraunhofer IZM has joined forces with the circuit board experts at ILFA, the glass refiners at Schröder Spezialglas, and the specialist tool engineers of FiconTec to create a new generation of high-speed circuit boards.

Novel waveguides are being developed for the glass-based optical layer to reduce optical dampening and increase homogeneity across the entire panel. This level of homogeneity is required for the project’s plans to scale up the glass boards to 18x24”. Deflectors fitted in laser-structured cavities direct the light signals both through and beyond the glass layer, made possible with new developments in the laser processing of glass (Schröder Spezialglas) and in the fine alignment of the mirror surfaces (FiconTec). The project also intends to show a means to connect a silicon chip placed on the glass panel.

The electrical layers are placed on either side of the glass and on any layers mounted on top. The project is working to optimize adhesion of these layers on the glass despite their galvanic reinforcement to 10 µm. The choice of adding layers on both glass surfaces intends to increase the number of electrical layers. A new process is being developed for the project (ILFA) to enclose the glass in novel substrate materials.

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