Hybrid-Integrated and Frequency-Stabilized Lasers for the Reliable Manipulation of Ultracold Atoms for Transportable Systems

The ISABELLA consortium is exploring narrowband, frequency-stabilized laser emitters for versatile quantum applications, including the laser cooling and manipulation of atoms and ions or highly precise spectroscopy. The chosen approach relies on an inherently robust and scalable hybrid-integrated design that paves the way for commercial high-performance systems at moderate prices. Fraunhofer IZM is active in researching and trialing technologies and interconnection methods for the scalable and cost-efficient production of planar, selectively reflective, and tunable glass-based photonic reflectors as a core component of the planned narrowband laser systems. The planar and monolithic design and compact size of the reflector is essential for ensuring the thermal and mechanical stability of the finished system. The solution also intends to allow upscaling to large-format panels with inexpensive materials. The Fraunhofer IZM contributions will go beyond the specific goals of the shared project to prepare an important basis for the future photonic integration and miniaturization of key technologies and lay the groundwork for the successful industrial-scale rollout of second-generation quantum technologies. 

Funding initiative:

Enabling Technologies for Quantum Technology


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