Optical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR)

The “OBR 4600“ distributed by LUNA Technologies uses swept-wavelength coherent interferometry to measure peaks related to reflections as a function of length in an optical system. This feature is usable for optical inspections and diagnostic capabilities. In the context, the OBR can be used to identify and trouble-shoot splices, connectors, fiber bends and breaks, fiber segments, and components embedded in a short path optical fiber assemblies. In fiber diagnostic, the OBR can also provide temperature and mechanical strain sensing capabilities (structural health monitoring, with or without Fiber Bragg Gratings FBG).

Easy localization of reflections that provides return loss points in optical components or modules can be performed by the operator e.g., a system with 30 m length can be measured with 10 µm of resolution in only 7 seconds or even less.

The OBR exhibits a set of applications such as:  

  • Verification of individual components integrated in an optical system like connectors, fibers, splices, couplers, among others
  • Qualification of individual optical components for inspection and fast testing
  • Monitoring of optical systems during manufacturing
  • Temperature and mechanical strain sensing capabilities, e.g. for fiber bragg gratings
  • Measurement performance highlights:
  • Wavelength range 1525 nm to 1610 nm
  • Maximum device length 30 m or 70 m
  • Spatial resolution 10 µm @ 30 m or 20 µm @ 70 m
  • Dynamic range 70 dB
  • Sensitivity -130 dB
  • Resolution ± 0.05 dB
  • Accuracy ± 0.1 dB