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Optical beam anaysis

Beam profiling measurement system | Optical beam anaysis
© Fraunhofer IZM
Beam profiling measurement system (with sub-100nm hexapod fine actuator, linear coarse actuator and camera)
Beam profile | Optical beam anaysis
© Fraunhofer IZM
Beam profile on a single-mode fiber endface illuminated with 1310nm

Measuring principle with real-time camera system. The beam profile and its changes can be observed at the highest possible resolution.

The beam analyzer is a system to characterize output beams of optical components. It can measure  the shape, the diameter and the spreading of the optical field at different distances from the light source. We can measure the numerical aperture, the focus length and spot diameter of lensed fibers as well as the far and the near field of diverse waveguides. Currently we can can measure in a  wavelength range from 300nm to 1310nm.

  • Patented Ultracal™ Algorithmus
  • Quantitative ISO Measurement
  • Real-Time Measurement
  • Centroid and Peak location
  • Beam Profile