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Spectrum analyser & integrating sphere

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Spectro 320D and integrating sphere Ø500mm

The high resolving and fast spectrum analyzer Spectro 320D from Instrument Systems enables acquisition of transmission- and emission spectra. It operates between 190 nm and 1700 nm with a minimum spectral resolution of 0.2 nm.

Integrating sphere:

The determination of beam power, respectively, the luminous flux of light sources with integrating spheres belongs to the most important procedures in light measurement technique. A hollow sphere, with its inner surface coated with a diffusely reflecting material, serves as an integrating sphere provides a complete integration and mixture of the radiation that is coupled out from the light source and collected at the detector port.

All integrating spheres come with a side entrance port for determination of the luminous flux in the 4p configuration. Here the device under test can be mounted in the centre of the sphere for measuring the luminous flux in all directions (i.e. the radiation emitted in all directions is captured).

  • 500 mm inner diameter
  • Meets the requirements of the CIE 127 for measuring luminous fluxes of LEDs
  • Opening with 150 mm diameter for coupling in radiation from outside
  • Adapterplates for LED-testmounts of the series LED-5xx, 6xx and 81x for TEC testadapters of the series LED-850
  • Internal lamp mount for the attachment of the device under test in the centre of the sphere
  • Supporting post for light source