Substrate integration line

  • CoB laboratory (die, ribbon, wire bonding down to 35 µm pitch)
  • Precision mounting laboratory (clean room, including chip-to-wafer bonder to 300 mm, thermocompression, thermosonic)
  • Embedding laboratory (high-precision pick and place machine, circuit board processing line, including laser drill and laser-direct imaging)
  • Optical laboratory (including hot embossing, micro-optical assembly, component and system characterization)
  • Micromechatronics laboratory
  • Encapsulations (conformal coating, potting, flip-chip and CoB molding, needle and jet dispensing, transfer and liquid molding, wafer-level encapsulation)
  • Textile laboratory (integration of electronics in textiles)
  • SMD & flip chip line (Datacon EVO, Siplace X-Placer, Asymtek Axiom Jet, Dispense System)

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