Courses for chip and wirebonding

Courses for Chip and Wirebonding- Practical part of a bonding course at Fraunhofer IZM

Chip and Wire bonding represents the largest part of all interconnection technologies used in semiconductor assembly and is constantly being used, optimized and further developed at Fraunhofer IZM. Applications may be found particularly in chip-on-board technology (standard wire bonding), power modules (heavy wire), high frequency technology (fine pitch, fine wire), and the assembly of microsystems.

For partners from both industry and research, the joint institute (Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM and the Technical University of Berlin, Research Center for Microperipheric Technologies) in cooperation with Bond-IQ GmbH offers its know-how in the realm of chip and wire bonding in practical application-oriented courses.

Main focus and content of the courses continuously grew and adapted over the last 15 years. The courses therefore offer a well suited mix on Ultrasonic (US) Bonding, Thermosonic (TS) Bonding and Thick Wire Bonding for Newcomers, Experts, Managers, Developers and Operators.

Our partner Bond-IQ GmbH ( is responsible for coordination and organization. Courses in English language will be arranged individually based on your needs. Please contact us directly or Bond-IQ GmbH. We will be pleased to create an optimized training for you.

Contact: Stefan Schmitz
Phone: +49 179 2252778