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EPoSS, the European Research Platform Smart Systems Integration

Fraunhofer IZM is a founding member of EPoSS, the European Research Platform on Smart System Integration.

EPoSS, the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, is a European initiative defining future needs and policy requirements related to research and development on smart systems integration and integrated micro and nanosystems. Members of EPoSS are Europe’s system integration companies and research institutes.

EPoSS aims to be a basis for structuring initiatives, for co-ordinating and focusing research and development activities as well as for setting-up sustainable structures of a European Research Area on Smart Systems Integration. EPoSS embraces all key players, public and private, in the value chain so as to

provide a common European approach on innovative smart systems integration from research to production outlining the key issues for a strategic European innovation process
formulate a commonly agreed roadmap for action (updating, assembling and completing existing material and approaches) and provide a strategic R&D agenda
mobilize public and private human, infrastructural and financial resources, and define priorities for common research and innovation in the future
The initiative is of immediate importance with view to defining research and technology priorities for the EU’s VIIth Framework Programme, for raising more critical mass and resources and for coordinating different initiatives (national, regional, EUREKA, European public funding and industry).

For more information please contact Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lang or please visit the EPOSS website.