Online Seminar  /  November 29, 2021  -  December 03, 2021, 13:00 - 15:30

»eHarsh Seminar«

Fraunhofer Technology Platform for Electronics in harsh environment

Sensor systems are key elements for the detection of environmental properties and are used in the industrial sector, especially especially in the field of Industry 4.0, for the intelligent control of processes. Under harsh operating conditions such as high temperatures, high mechanical stress or aggressive environments, the use of standard electronics is almost impossible.

A consortium of eight Fraunhofer Institutes has joined forces under the leadership of the Fraunhofer IMS to pool their expertise. The participating institutes are known within the scientific community for their specific areas of focus, such as ceramic materials, assembly and fastening technology, high-temperature integrated circuits, sensors, material diagnostics, test methods, reliability analyses and modeling.

Join us for the online "eHarsh Seminar" to learn about different aspects of building high-temperature electronics and sensors. Eight Fraunhofer Institutes, among them Fraunhofer IZM, cooperate to offer you technical lectures and live demonstrations as well as a peek into their laboratories. Presentations will cover a variety of topics from sensor development and manufacturing technology to simulation and reliability testing.