Conference  /  June 18, 2024  -  June 20, 2024

Electronics Goes Green 2024+

From silicon to sustainability

As the technology keeps evolving by leaps and bounds, it is more essential than ever to give the environment its due place in that evolution and promote greener processes and products along the entire value chain in the electronics industry. Electronic systems have become a ubiquitous part of everyday life, and it is everybody’s responsibility to be responsible and aware of their ecological, commercial, and social effects. The climate targets espoused by large tech companies and the changing expectations of consumers are proof that sustainability has already become a key criterion for how electronic products are made and used.

But progress towards these green visions is fraught with complexity and calls for more research and development work. How can we allay the environmental impact of both established and novel technologies and materials? Where can we get reliable data about the lifecycles of electronic components, especially ICs, and how can we compare them meaningfully?

The conference will showcase new solutions for old problems and new advances in the field. Another headline issue will be the ways to produce electronics in safe and fair conditions and free from all conflict materials. Other aspects of the cyclical economy vision - from new European legislation about the right to repair to the introduction of digital product passes - will also feature prominently. In this way, Electronics Goes Green 2024+ is again combining the many facets and perspectives of a truly connected future with all the current knowhow about resource efficiency and the cyclical economy and helping to get the tech industry on the right path towards sustainability.

We encourage you to get involved, take part in this multi-stakeholder conference, and discover the newest trends and developments in research, innovation, policy, and industry. Let us promote cooperation and inspire each other for more environmentally conscious innovations.