NürnbergMesse  /  June 11, 2024  -  June 13, 2024, 09:00 - 17:00

»Future Packaging« Joint Booth – »The Line« at SMTconnect 2024


Hall 4 / booth 305

See the REAL DEAL: Live Production Line since 1997

Automation and Digitalization for robust processes and technologies

In 2024, the »Future Packaging« line will pay particular attention to the robustness of the individual process steps in the production line. The aim is to examine how a higher degree of digitalisation and automation can make production processes more robust against disruptions and external influences and how they can react more quickly and flexibly to any changes in status or possible changes to the machines and work equipment. Organised by the Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin, the line participants and co-exhibitors will provide an insight into both the current status and future possibilities, particularly with regard to the effects on the processes used.

For digitalisation, all exhibitors want to show what interfaces are possible on the respective machines in order to demonstrate end users how the new machines and devices can be integrated into the data handling structures of the respective produc-tion processes.

During the three daily guided tours in German and English, all new machine innovations for all pro-cesses and technologies in the field of assembly and connection technology for modern assembly production will be shown along the value chain. Competent contacts will be available to visitors at all times throughout the three days, even outside the guided tours.

The »Future Packaging« line has been presented annually since 1997. In 2024, visitors will therefore experience the 26th edition of this impressive joint effort, where they can always rely on a very large pool of expertise and always find the right contact person for their specific challenges in order to discuss and develop approaches and ways forward in a solution-oriented manner - even beyond the trade fair itself.

Visit our booth and tour our line every day at 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.

Future Packaging »The Line«
By Fraunhofer IZM


  • ASYS Group – EKRA Automatisierungssysteme GmbH                        
  • ATEcare Service GmbH & Co. KG
  • ATN Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier GmbH                                   
  • Brady GmbH   
  • Engmatec GmbH
  • F&K Delvotec Bondtechnik GmbH
  • Fraunhofer ISIT
  • Fraunhofer EMFT
  • Fuji Europe Corporation GmbH                                                   
  • IBL-Löttechnik GmbH                                      
  • IPTE Factory Automation NV                                                                    
  • LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
  • Lasermicronics    
  • Neotel Technology Europe GmbH              
  • Nordson B.V.                                    
  • Pi4_robotics GmbH
  • Siemens AG Digital Industries Factory Automation
  • Solder Chemistry IAM GmbH
  • Teknek