Messe Berlin  /  September 02, 2022  -  September 06, 2022

Fraunhofer IZM at the IFA

Booth 336, Hall 20

Let’s meet up at our interactive exhibit at booth 336, hall 20 (IFA Next). Visitors can go on a “sustainability journey” for an easy-to-follow introduction to the technological concepts and more practical ideas for their everyday life (e.g. good practices for charging phones to keep the batteries lasting longer). The sustainability experts from our ERE unit will be on site to showcase their work for more durable electronics. The interactive exhibit is meant for consumers who can learn more about the lifecycle of smartphone, about the meaning behind energy labels, and about the environmental footprint of different IT devices. But sustainability does not start with the consumer, but during design and production, as our experts will show at the IFA. See your mobile devices in a new light and learn about the alternatives that are out there.

The exhibit is made possible by the prize money that our researchers won as part of the Ralf Dahrendorf Prize. The Ministry of Education and Researchers chose them for their efforts on the sustainablySMART project, for which a Fraunhofer IZM team explored sustainable alternatives for consumers and ways to introduce cyclical concepts in the consumer market.