/  April 27, 2015

Workshop Micro Battery and Capacitive Energy Harvesting

Rechargeable micro batteries are an enabling technology for energy autarkic systems such as wireless sensor nodes and medical sensors. This workshop presents two related developments: the Fraunhofer integrated micro battery alongside with flexible capacitive energy harvesting and battery technology developed in FP7 MATFLEXEND.

In both cases, numerical simulations have been performed to optimize both the battery and the harvester design.

The entire production chain is discussed, including novel materials for battery electrodes and printable separators, high-k dielectrics and flexible electrodes, micro battery packages based on ceramics (LTCC), silicon and flex laminate technologies, and ultra-low power electronics for harvester and battery management. Battery integration and prototype devices are demonstrated.

Durable flexible energy harvesters developed in MATFLEX-END are especially intended for wearables including smart textiles, shoes and other applications where mechanical compliance is needed. The harvesters will be designed such that they can scale to a variety of sizes, and can be mass-produced in a continuous process.

The workshop will offer a platform to discuss device opportunities and applications of this innovative micro energy technology.

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