Event Review

Workshop “COB-SMT Combined Assemblies: Practical Guidelines”

Chip-on-board technology (COB) is used to mount unenclosed chips, so-called bare dies, in virtually all cases in combination with the SMD (surface-mount device) integration of passive components. On 17 November 2016, the IZM in Weßling-Oberpfaffenhofen opened its doors for a workshop that covered all relevant aspects of this type of combined assembly. The speakers, including Professor Martin Schneider-Ramelow, Dr Frank Ansorge, and Karl-Friedrich Becker, covered the critical aspects in their contributions, ranging from PCB surfac-es and die attach approaches to wire bonding and encapsulation technologies. The work-shop also looked into the materials-side of the technology and the available methods for test-ing and quality assurance. More than 30 participants used the opportunity to meet and share ideas with likeminded peers in between the presentations. The event was a great success and will be repeated in 2017 – as expertise in COB-SMT combinations and practical know-how about the problems and challenges in the field will remain relevant topics in effective electronics design and production.