f-cell award 2005 bronze goes to Dr.-Ing. Robert Hahn

Stuttgart, /

Mobile devices, such as cell phones, laptops or cameras need power - regardless of where or for how long. Mini fuel cells improve power supply. Dr. Robert Hahn's research team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM has developed a micro fuel cell system that is only a few cubic centimeters large and has a significantly higher energy density than batteries. The research received bronze in the f-cell award 2005. The award is sponsored by DaimlerCrysler AG and the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Fuel cell technology is one of the 21st Century's key technologies. This is because fuel cells create electricity and heat from chemical energy with almost no loss. Its properties are excellent – efficient, clean and modularly extendable. Fuel cells are available for stationary generating plants, as well as for mobile application. On the consumer market, fuel cells are intended for cell phones and small appliances.

Work is carried out on their development around the world. Micro fuel cells are to replace batteries and secure the energy supply of portable electronic devices and autonomous microsystems, for example, wireless networked sensors such as eGrains, "wearable" electronics or medical technology microsystems. "With micro fuel cells, it is possible to increase the energy density and thus increase the operating time by 5 to 10 times”, explained Dr. Robert Hahn, the IZM’s team leader. He coordinated the micro fuel cell development.

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