EGG 2020+ | Keynotes by Apple and Philips on live day

August 17, 2020

Apple’s sustainability strategy is maybe the most ambitious in the ICT industry and we are excited and proud to announce that Sarah Chandler, their Senior Director of Operations and Environmental Initiatives, will be joining us for our live day to share "Apple’s roadmap to 2030: Its innovative approach to carbon neutrality and a circular supply chain". In 2020 Philips’ 5-year "Healthy People, Sustainable Planet" program is coming to a closure. Before launching the next 5-year program it is time to reflect and look back and what was achieved and even more importantly what can be learned from these achievements. The presentation will focus on the topics of Climate Change, Ecodesign and Circular Economy and give an overview of what has worked well in the last 5 years and what pitfalls should be avoided. Don’t miss both keynotes on September 1.

Sarah Chandler | Apple Inc.

Apple’s roadmap to 2030: Its innovative approach to carbon neutrality and a circular supply chain

Sarah Chandler is Apple’s senior director of Operations Product Development and Environmental Initiatives. She is responsible for Apple’s product-level goals of using greener materials, conserving finite resources, and reducing the environmental impact of its supply chain. Her teams work cross-functionally to address cost, environmental opportunities, and supply chain strategy in product development. Sarah joined Apple in 2006 and holds an M.B.A. and Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Systems, both from Stanford University. Prior to Apple, Sarah served as the Executive Director of a nonprofit providing environmental education and leadership experiences for low-income high school students. Sarah can trace her environmental roots back to her upbringing on a maple syrup farm in Massachusetts.




Eelco Smit | Philips International B.V.

Best practices in sustainability - what can we learn?  

Eelco Smit is the Senior Director Sustainability at Philips, where he is responsible for all ecodesign, compliance and continuous improvement activities in the sustainability team as well as for the sustainability performance of the Personal Health Business groups in Philips. Before joining Philips in 2011, Eelco oversaw European environmental affairs at Epson Europe and before that at LG Electronics. He holds a MSc degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Technical University of Delft and has a strong passion for projects where sustainability problems are solved through innovation.