IMAPS 2009 Best Paper of Session Award for Fraunhofer IZM Researchers

San Jose, /

Dr.-Ing. Ivan Ndip

Ivan Ndip, Stephan Guttowski and Herbert Reichl received the IMAPS 2009 Best Paper of Session Award for their outstanding paper entitled, “Modeling and Analysis of a New Packaging Structure for Noise Isolation in Mixed-Signal Systems”, presented at the 42nd International Symposium on Microelectronics (IMAPS 2009) in San Jose, CA, USA.

In this paper, the “space” problem and some of the electromagnetic reliability (EMR) issues associated with conventional noise suppression structures (e.g., Electromagnetic Bandgap structures) are first quantified. A novel noise suppression structure, the Interconnected Patch-Ring (IPR) structure, which overcomes most of the limitations of the conventional structures, is then presented. The IPR was developed at Fraunhofer IZM by the authors of this paper for noise suppression/isolation in electronic systems.

The International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) is the largest society dedicated to the advancement and growth of microelectronics and electronics packaging. Its annually organized international symposium on microelectronics is the largest symposium related to the microelectronics industry and the electronic packaging industry in the world. IMAPS 2009 took place from Nov. 1st to 5th, 2009.

This is the third time that this group of IZM researchers has been honored with the Best Paper of Session Award at the IMAPS International Symposium on Microelectronics. The first time was at IMAPS 2003 for their paper entitled, “A Novel Modeling Methodology of Bump Arrays for RF and High Speed Applications”, in Boston, MA, USA, then again at IMAPS 2007 for their paper entitled “Development of an M3-Approach for Optimal Electromagnetic Reliability in System Packages” in San Jose, CA. They’ve also been honored with 2 Best Paper Awards at IEEE International Conferences.

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