IZM Research Award 2003 Goes to Maik Wiemer and Michael Töpper

Berlin, /

This year the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM presented the Research Award for outstanding achievements in the realm of packaging and interconnection technology for the fourth time in a row. The prize winners are Michael Töpper from the Fraunhofer IZM Berlin and Maik Wiemer from the Chemnitz subsidiary.

Dr. Töpper was honored for his contribution regarding the development of a thin-film polymer process based on photo BCB. In collaboration with the MSE/Biotronik, Motorola, Bosch and Infineon companies, the process for various applications has been transferred to industry, e. g. into the realms of automotive and medical technology. Reliability questions could be clarified up front via scientific research. Today the BCB process is one of the main pillars of technology in the realm of backend semiconductors at the Fraunhofer IZM. For years the DOW Chemicals company has been using the Fraunhofer IZM as its most important European demo center for BCB. Besides his scientific work at the Fraunhofer IZM, Michael Töpper is also active for both IMAPS and IEEE.

Dr. Wiemer’s specialization is developing waferbond technologies, one of the basic process techniques in microsystem technology, which above all play a role in mounting both sensor and actor components. In projects such as with TEMIC, X-Fab, Aktiv-Sensor and Litef companies, Dr. Wiemer was the driving force for developing technologies of new products, such as e. g. acceleration sensors, gyroscopes, ultrasound sensors and pressure sensors with special requirements regarding gas density and stability of bond connections. Maik Wiemer’s large recognition in expert groups is evidenced by his having been selected as chairman of the 2.6 waferbonds’ working group in the DVS.

Both winners received their awards from Fraunhofer IZM’s director, Prof. Herbert Reichl, during a ceremony in the dbb forum rooms in Berlin on December 18, 2003.

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