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On your bike! IZM staff pedaling for a better climate

IZM staff pedaling for a better climate
© Fraunhofer IZM

»Stadtradeln« is a German campaign to promote cycling as a key ingredient for a healthier climate and a happier life. Several years ago, cyclists from all sites of Fraunhofer IZM (Berlin, Dresden, Cottbus) started taking part in the challenge to collect as many miles as possible. They can form internal teams to add an element of intra-institute competition or simply enjoy the group outing that is part of every year’s Stadtradeln. And whether they went for an ambitious cycling tour of Flanders or simply tried to beat their personal best going around Berlin: More and more Fraunhofer IZM people have joined over the years – bringing the Institute’s Stadtradeln team to 57 people in 2022 and clocking up an amazing 13,103 km.

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