Prototyping-Line for Micro Batteries Opens in Berlin

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When developing micro batteries, the greatest challenge is to produce hermetically sealed casings. Even tiniest traces of humidity entering the battery would be enough to reduce battery lifetime significantly. The reactive nature of the lithium needs the entire assembly process to happen in high-purity argon gas containment units. The highly complex technology needed is only financially viable if it can produce entire batches of batteries simultaneously on a shared substrate layer or on a silicon wafer.

Fraunhofer IZM is determined to master this challenge, and has openend a dedicated 10-metre battery development and assembly line, capable of producing miniature, custom-designed micro batteries with unparalleled precision, on 15 March 2016.

The following technology highlights are included in our battery line:

  • Precision screen printer for the integration of battery electrodes and solder frames in the case lids
  • Substrate bonding for a secure assembly and sealing of base and top substrates and battery lid.
  • Microfluidic electrolyte injection, capable for filling several hundred micro batteries simultaneously.

Additional assembly and preparation units are available, like vacuum furnaces, UV-clean, RF-plasma chamber as well as dispense and jetting stations.


Neue Fertigungslinie für Mikrobatterien am Fraunhofer IZM eröffnet!
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v.l.n.r.: Gruppenleiter Dr. Robert Hahn und Institutsleiter Prof. Klaus-Dieter Lang eröffnen die Fertigungslinie

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